Paulson DK5-X Riot Shield
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Paulson DK5-X.250 AF Riot Shield Mask

NSN# 8465-01-467-0721

Designed for extreme riot conditions and high fragmentation applications. This visor was designed to fit protective helmets that have an integral front peak for the thick rubber seal which provides a liquid barrier at the helmet/shield surface. Anti-fog treated so it will remain fog free inside and out and Hard Coated so that it will protect the shield from typical wear i.e. scratches. Unit can be field ready in seconds and quickly attaches to the helmet by a heavy nylon strap & clips without tools or modifications.

Face Shield meets multiple Industry Standards; heavy gauge visor locks into the stowed or deployed position and can be released with one hand; gloves do not hamper this operation. Pivot and lock assembly can be transferred to the right or left of the shield for individual preference. Shield provides superior optical quality due to the use of high grade polycarbonate and sophisticated injection molding methods. Designed with a "break away" feature which gives the user freedom from being pulled against his will while in extreme riot conditions as it can free the user from neck injury.

Unparalleled fit and function with existing protective helmets. Attachment is quick, secure and easily removable when necessary. A complete field mounting face shield, this unit attaches to helmets without tools or helmet modifications.

Riot ready visor is 6.4 mm thick and 203 mm long; especially designed for extreme riot and fragmentation conditions. This heavy gauge anti-fog visor meets multiple Industry Standards and is a favorite for Agencies around the world. Unit can be field ready in seconds and quickly attaches to the helmet by a heavy nylon strap and clips without tools or modifications



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Paulson DK5-X Riot Shield

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