Next Generation Synthetic Ghillie Kit, Custom Colors
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You pick the colors!!

Kit includes the following:

One 5' x 9' nylon netting, available in tan or brown

Seven colors of Next Generation Synthetic thread. (3.5 lbs. total)

Choose from Brown, Black, Gray, Light Green, Olive Green, Tan & Dark Green

Complete directions on how to assemble kit into a lightweight Camouflage Ghillie Poncho.


Synthetic thread is the Next Generation in Building a lightweight Camouflage Ghillie suit, because Synthetic thread is:

• Water-proof  • Rot-proof  • Mildew resistant • Fire-retardant • Washable • Odor-less • Non-Allergenic

Using the supplied directions, you can build a Mossy colored suit, Woodland, or use all seven colors for an All-Season suit.  You can even use the materials to build a ground blind, blanket, or any other concealment device.  Use your imagination, your options are endless.

Your Completed suit uses only 2.75 lbs. of the Synthetic colored thread!  With the supplied extra materials, you can always change colors to match your terrain.

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Next Generation Synthetic Ghillie Kit, Custom Colors

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