Ghillie Sniper Boonie Hat
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"Ready to wear"

Our Ghillie material is directly sewn to a Mil-spec Boonie Hat

Built on a Mil-Spec Boonie hat made by "Atlanco".

Manufactured in the USA.

Comes in four (4) different colors to match our synthetic Ghillie suits.

Available in four (4) diferent sizes.  (7,  7 1/4,  7 1/2,  7 3/4)


Each Boonie hat is a digital pattern.

Desert - Digital desert boonie

Mossy - Digital desert boonie

Woodland - Digital Woodland

Leafy Green - Digital Woodland

The Ghillie covering is the same Synthetic thread we use on our Ultra-Light Ghillie suits.





NO UV-brighteners


Mildew resistant

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  • Condition: New

Ghillie Sniper Boonie Hat

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