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It's What They
DON'T See That's Important!
Our Ghillie Suits are like no other. Only the finest and strongest materials are used. The netting is 100% nylon with a 500 lb. tensile strength. The JUTE, Not Burlap, is 1 ply, 10 lb. tensile strength, and all hand tied. The cheaper quality burlap suits sold by others,sell from $550 up to $1140! And burlap sheds...jute doesn't! These can be worn over ANYTHING, even a T-Shirt & shorts! This could be crucial in hot climates. The design allows air to pass through, keeping the wearer cool! Wear over insulated coveralls in COLD WEATHER! The full size Ghillie Suit only weighs 7.5 lbs! Ours are the highest quality you can buy, period!




Since the majority of the ghillie suits we offer are custom made, there are NO returns or exchanges on these items! Many of the items shown on this page are shipped directly from our manufacturer, so we cannot accept returns or exchanges. Also, most ghillie items are shipped via UPS Ground from the manufacturer.

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